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Map Types (3 minutes)   
Road Map Bing
Aerial Bing
Aerial 3D Bing

Spatial Accident Trends (4 minutes)   
RTC Regional Trends

Public Transport Routes and Accessibility (6 minutes)   
Road Map Bing
Aerial Bing

Highway Routes and Accessibility (4 minutes)   
Highway Route
Highway Accesibility

Download (Excel xlsm) example calculation of the "Satisfaction" statistic that is the basis of the accessibility scores produced in the above 2 videos

Bing Congestion and Routes (2 minutes)   
Highway Congestion
Highway Route

Journey to Work 2011 Census (4 minutes)   

Census 2011 (3 minutes)   
Car Ownership

Road Traffic Collisions (RTCs) - England, Wales & Scotland (3 minutes)    
RTCs Selection by Polygon

Simple Public Transport Accessibility using only 1 bus, train etc. (4 minutes)   
Accessibility Scores

The Maths - Simple Public Transport Accessibility only 1 bus, train etc.   

Bus and Highway Networks (3 minutes)   
Highway Network
Bus Stops
Bus Network

Using Touch (2 minutes)    
Moving the Map

Real-Time data North East England    
Car Park Occupancy

OpenStreetMap Data (7 minutes)    
OpenStreetMap data selection

Locate or display address(2 minutes)    
Locating address